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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Do We think, Environment Study is not Important for us ?

Er. Ankur Mishra'yugal'
Officially we have a lot of courses in our School or colleges Syllabus. We have some special courses for this, but can we say-“ We are working on this for our nature” I think everyone will be in doubt for Answering this question. Everyone think, "it is a work of special Groups". Then why these type of courses are in our Syllabus, why we are lossing our precious time in this.................
Nature or Enviornment is not a small topic for talking and it is not a topic for some special private or governmeted groups, this is a topic of our talk and we should talk on this.
Nature have no partiality with us, it provides equal quantity and quality of Water, Air, Land, sky and other natural factors. Then why we create this partiality with nature, every one have equal rights on Nature then why we are not ...........?????
As we know tird law of Newton “The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear” . So we should follow it with nature, if we will not follow then results may be in Hazard manner.
We should think about a simple business policy “first we invest then there will be some gain”, but here we are gaining without investing Nevertheless we are not …………………………????

Now its time to use that officially knowledge in practical world, use every little fact in real world. We have not to do special, Only we should try to save Our Trees, Water, Land and other natural things Which are free for us…….
I think We will Try…..

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