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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Do We think, Environment Study is not Important for us ?

Er. Ankur Mishra'yugal'
Officially we have a lot of courses in our School or colleges Syllabus. We have some special courses for this, but can we say-“ We are working on this for our nature” I think everyone will be in doubt for Answering this question. Everyone think, "it is a work of special Groups". Then why these type of courses are in our Syllabus, why we are lossing our precious time in this.................
Nature or Enviornment is not a small topic for talking and it is not a topic for some special private or governmeted groups, this is a topic of our talk and we should talk on this.
Nature have no partiality with us, it provides equal quantity and quality of Water, Air, Land, sky and other natural factors. Then why we create this partiality with nature, every one have equal rights on Nature then why we are not ...........?????
As we know tird law of Newton “The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear” . So we should follow it with nature, if we will not follow then results may be in Hazard manner.
We should think about a simple business policy “first we invest then there will be some gain”, but here we are gaining without investing Nevertheless we are not …………………………????

Now its time to use that officially knowledge in practical world, use every little fact in real world. We have not to do special, Only we should try to save Our Trees, Water, Land and other natural things Which are free for us…….
I think We will Try…..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We are the best Creation by this Universe but the worst creation for Nature.

Er. Ankur Mishra'yugal'
Pollution and population are two aggressive factors for whole world which are increasing with high rate. Yet everyone knows both are dangerous for us and nature, but “Only know”. ROLF
We are the best creation by this Universe but it is also true we are the worst creation for this nature, we are only thinking about our self not for Universe or Nature. The toughest problem for nature is pollution which is generated by population; I think both are proportional to each other so by controlling one another can be controlled. India and China have the largest population of world but they are much more responsible for pollution.
Every country have many governmental ministries for Sport, Home, Industry, Health, Finance and much others but Is any country is active for Nature and environment ? I think the answers will be “NO”. If it is true then the Imagination of 2012 will be true. There will be no Existence of this world. Some live results are saying this- recent Earthquakes in India, Tsunami in Japan, earthquake in USA.
So please understand this message and do something for yourself. And by government there should be some special and powerful ministries and Laws for “Pollution Prevention”. This is by government but it is not sufficient, there will be some positive results if we will accept our duties for nature. The ideas are not sufficient for any task, without implementation result will be Zero. So Generate the Ideas and implementation those -100% results will be positive. This is not a special task which wants special time or money; it will be possible with a simple daily routine by following the Rule of Nature. So please start it from Today and planning for tomorrow.

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